Subject Pool Requirement

Students enrolled in either PSYC 101 or 203 are required to fulfill research participation totaling three credit points for the course.  These "credits" are not in addition to the three credits earned for taking the course.  They are credits needed to earn a grade in the course.

Participation in research studies and assignments allow students to experience research first-hand, aiding in learning about psychology.  Most of all, participation is greatly appreciated by the researchers and may lead to findings that are important to others.  This should be something of interest and respect to students who may become researchers somewhere along their academic journeys or careers.

Credits assigned for studies are dependent upon the length of the study.  Studies that last up to 30 minutes are worth 0.5 credit. Studies that last 31-60 minutes are worth 1.0 credit. In some cases, studies may last longer than one hour and be awarded two credits.  Duration of the studies is noted on the web-based sign-up along with a description of the studies available and their locations.  Alternative assignments are also worth one credit unless otherwise noted.  Alternative assignments are also available using the web-based sign-up procedure and change frequently throughout the semester.

Students who do not complete the two credit Subject Pool requirement will receive an INCOMPLETE for the class.  Failure to complete the Subject Pool requirement will be seen as failure to complete the class.

Information for students enrolled in a current PSYC 101 or 203 course is found on  Bookmark this site! There is a list of FAQ on it specifically for the Subject Pool. If you have questions regarding the Subject Pool that cannot be answered by the FAQ list, please email: