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BS/PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy Program with Rutgers University

This joint program permits students to earn a bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University and a PharmD degree from Rutgers University in 7 years. At Montclair State, students major in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology or biology and earn approximately 100 credits in three years. Students transfer to Rutgers (New Brunswick) in their fourth year to begin the pharmacy curriculum. Approximately 20 credits from this curriculum are transferred to Montclair State to complete BS degree requirements. Admission to the program is a joint decision between the two universities and admission to Montclair State University does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

High School Students: Expected to have taken a strong, science and math based course of study that includes AP and honors courses with a GPA greater than 3.5 (overall and in science/math). Students must also take the SAT exam and score greater than 1200 on the verbal and math sections.

Montclair State University Transfer Students: Expected to have college-level GPA greater than 3.5 that includes chemistry, biology and mathematics courses. Transfer students will be required to maintain outstanding performance (greater than 3.5 GPA in required courses) for a minimum of two semesters at Montclair State prior to applying to the program. Once admitted to the program, students are expected to continue outstanding academic performance. No grade less than a B is permitted in any of the required courses (or equivalents for transfer students).

Required Courses


  1. CHEM120 General Chemistry I
  2. CHEM 121 General Chemistry II
  3. CHEM 230 Organic Chemistry I
  4. CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry II
  5. CHEM 232 Exper. Organic I
  6. CHEM 233 Exper. Organic II


  1. BIOL 112 Prin. Biology I
  2. BIOL 113 Prin. Biology II
  3. BIOL 243 Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 440 Gross Mammalian Anatomy for bio majors)

Economics, Mathematics and Physics

  1. MATH 122 Calculus I (only MATH 116 Calculus A for bio majors)
  2. MATH 221 Calculus II
  3. PHYS 191 University Physics I
  4. PHYS 192 University Physics II
  5. ECON 102 Applied Microeconomics


Jim Dyer

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry