students checking to see what animals used wildlife crossing

Why Study Biology at Montclair State University

  1. A college experience on a small campus with big reach
  2. Small class sizes taught by faculty that are excellent teachers and researchers
  3. Opportunities to do research with professors
  4. Opportunities to explore the expansive field of Biology
  5. Professional advising preparing you from start to finish

Growth Areas

  1. Biological Technician; BLS projects 7% increase in jobs.
  2. Genetic Counselor; BLS projects 26% increase in jobs.
  3. Health Communications Specialist; BLS projects 6% increase in jobs.
  4. Health Educator; BLS projects 17% increase in jobs.
  5. Pharmaceutical Company Representative; BLS projects 6% increase in jobs.
  6. Physician Assistant; BLS projects 31% increase in jobs.
  7. Nurse Practitioner; BLS projects 45% increase in jobs.
  8. Attorney (environmental, patent, malpractice, compliance); BLS projects 9% increase in jobs.
  9. Financial Analyst; BLS projects 6% increase in jobs.
  10. Technical writer; BLS projects 6% increase in jobs.

Careers our alumni ended up in