Plants with small white flowers found during CSAM field work.

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tatami room

IRES: Summer Biology Research Program in Japan

The research focus for this program is Novel Genetic Elements Regulating Behavior of Medaka and Zebrafish.

Kelp forests provide a range of ecosystem services

Embrace kelp forests in the coming decade

Dr. Colette Feehan was the primary author of this letter published in Science Magazine

cownose ray, mistaken identity story on CBS

Cownose Rays Alarm Swimmers On Jersey Shore

Dr. Paul Bologna talks about these creatures, currently in their annual migration

Dr. Matthew Aardema by lab equipment

How do you prevent tick bites?

Matthew Aardema spoke with Nicole Pajer from HuffPost in their guide to ticks

Dr. Sandra Adams in the classroom

Is a runny nose a symptom of the Delta variant of COVID?

Biology Professor Dr. Sandra Adams spoke with regarding the Delta COVID-19 variant and potential symptoms


State warns of ‘exploding’ jellyfish population in Charlestown salt ponds

The Providence Journal spoke with Dr. Paul Bologna regarding the conditions sea nettles thrive

Viola Whitney Pfleger Fund Recipients

Deisy Aurfali, junior Biology major

Dr. Al Stein Memorial Fund Recipients

Zarifa Akbary, senior Molecular Biology major, Florencia Gori, senior Biology major

S. Marie Kuhnen Scholarship Recipients

Bethany Olive, senior Biology and English major, Andreia Resende, senior Biology major

Charles E. Hadley Memorial Fund Recipient

Zarifa Akbary, senior Molecular Biology major

Bonnie Lustigman Research Fellowship Recipients

Ellia Daniel, senior Biology major, Raisa DaSilva, senior Molecular Biology major, Daniel Murnock, graduate Molecular Biology major, Samantha Zorns, junior Biology major

Emily Boyle Critical Language Scholarship recipient

Montclair State University Student Earns U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)

Emily Boyle, an undergraduate Biology major Chinese minor at Montclair State University has been awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship to study Chinese during the summer of 2021.