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B.S. in Business Administration, Strategic Human Capital Management

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Modern human resource management goes beyond managing employee payroll and benefits. Successful companies engage in Strategic Human Capital Management (SHCM), which involves designing work in a way that enables the organization to meet strategic objectives. Strategically empowering employees can make or break an organization and it is important that human resource professionals realize the value in SHCM and how it ties directly into the strategy and goals of the company.

The Strategic Human Capital Management Concentration

Professionals who are well-versed in SHCM are in short supply. While many human resource professionals have foundational knowledge of the field, few are currently thinking strategically about how human resources is critical to the strategic plan of the organization. This requires analytic skills that are rarely taught in human resource degree programs.

  • Strategic Human Capital Management (SHCM) is the alignment of human resource strategies with the objectives and goals of the organization.
  • SHCM involves recruiting, selecting, motivating, and rewarding a high-performing and high-quality workforce.
  • SCHM is critical for organizations to execute their strategic goal.

Course Catalog & Requirements

The Feliciano School of Business helped me decide my career path […] Small classroom sizes and amazing professors helped me network and learn from my peers and their experiences. Thanks to the school, I am confident I made the right career path decision.

Eva Shapiro, Marketing ‘18
Senior Human Resources Generalist, ZeniMax Media

Industry Overview

The Human Resource field is currently projected to grow over the coming years and exceed the average projected growth for all U.S. occupations.

 Job opportunities include:

  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Training and Development Specialists,
  • Compensations and Benefits Managers
  • Human Resources Data Analysts

Program Overview

The MSU Strategic Human Capital Management undergraduate concentration focuses on the development of foundational human resource management knowledge combined with applied human resources analytics skills. Course instruction in this program is supplemented with two lab courses in which you will be learning how to use ADP’s human resource information systems (HRIS) software. This program is the first of its kind in New Jersey and will provide you with a unique body of knowledge that is highly sought by employers.

The program is designed to provide you with the skills you need to make you competitive in the market. You will learn how each function of HR contributes to the organization’s success. This includes the use of human resource analytics, a vital skill set that is rarely included in HR educational training. It also emphasizes hands-on learning. In the two lab courses, you will have direct access to ADP’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS), which is used in over 900,000 companies around the world.

Connections with Business Community

This program was created in partnership with ADP, a global provider of human capital management solutions and a leader in the human resource management industry. ADP has locations in over 140 countries and markets and operates 17 locations alone throughout New Jersey and New York. Through two hands-on lab classes and a strategic human resources analytics course, students in this program will benefit from hands-on experience with ADP’s human resource information systems (HRIS) software. 900,000 companies around the world use ADP’s software and countless more use similar programs. With the knowledge developed in this program, students will graduate already knowing how to use this software that many companies rely on for their HR services.

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Alumni Feature

“Resources at the Feliciano School of Business — including networking opportunities and programs — helped me develop on both a professional and personal level. Career programs equipped me with the skills needed to successfully and confidently navigate a job search and the hiring process. A huge benefit was the school’s Accelerator Program, which paired me with a mentor who offered me key industry insights, helping me hone my career interests and goals to help me get where I am today.”

Jack Rizzo ‘21
Territory Manager, Techtronic Industries TTI

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The Feliciano Difference

The Feliciano School of Business transforms today’s students into tomorrow’s business leaders.

  • Inclusive, diverse, accessible and supportive learning environment
  • Innovative programs taught by world-class faculty and today’s business leaders

  • Impactful and dynamic teaching that drives student success
  • Immersive real-world internships, co-ops, live case studies, and consulting projects
  • Individual attention, with small class sizes connecting you to peers, faculty, employers and corporate partners

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