collage of photos showing the center facilities


What We Do

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) provides writer-centered services to all members of the Montclair State community, with the aim of promoting a culture and practice of writing excellence throughout the university and beyond.

The CWE believes that all individuals committed to improving their writing can grow and flourish as writers.  Confidential sessions with experienced writing consultants are designed to help writers at every stage of development, with the goal of enabling them to achieve long-term improvement, confidence and independence.

Since opening in January 2010, the CWE has been committed to:

  • developing a culture and practice of writing excellence serving the research and teaching needs of a growing public university: students, faculty and staff;
  • establishing the centrality of writing in all university endeavors beyond remedial work;
  • offering a broad range of writing services geared to the success and retention of students and to provide professional development and training to consultants working in the CWE; and
  • creating a strong, cross-curricular center that supports the teaching of writing in the undergraduate majors and General Education and the graduate and professional schools.

The CWE’s primary goals are:

  • To provide professional development and individualized writing instruction to students, faculty, staff and alumni who wish to become more effective writers and communicators in their academic studies, professional work and personal lives.
  • To help faculty in all disciplines meaningfully incorporate writing into their courses to enhance teaching and learning and to demonstrate how writing is central to the academic enterprise.
  • To sponsor initiatives focused on recognizing the changing role of literacy in the twenty-first century and to be a resource for improving lives and learning through writing.
  • To identify and advance knowledge about best practices in writing and in the teaching of writing in a variety of academic and professional settings.
  • To ensure that all graduates of Montclair State have the opportunity to develop the writing competence needed to succeed in their chosen careers.