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Make An Appointment

Make An Appointment Today!

Step 1
Contact Us

The first step in making an appointment is to call us at 973-655-5211. From here you will have a brief 10-15 minute phone conversation with a CAPS staff member. This phone call is intended to gather basic information about you and the issues that have led to you contacting CAPS.

Step 2
Schedule the Appointment

When you are done initially speaking with a staff member, next steps are discussed which may include scheduling an intake at CAPS, referral session for off-campus services or referral to other on-campus services, including Let’s Talk. If an intake appointment is recommended, it is usually scheduled within a week; however, urgency of need is always taken into consideration.  After the intake is scheduled, you will receive an email with instructions to complete paperwork before your appointment time.  This paperwork typically takes about 20 minutes to complete and should be completed at least a day before your intake time.

Step 3
Your Intake Appointment

At this appointment, you meet with a CAPS counselor for 45-60 minutes. This is an opportunity to elaborate on the issues addressed during the phone interview and on the computerized forms and to gather the information needed to come up with a treatment plan, either at CAPS or with a provider in the community. You will be contacted within a few days with information regarding whom to see and when.

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