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We provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management for students who have been evaluated at CAPS. Clients who are referred to a CAPS psychiatrist will be scheduled for a one-hour appointment for the initial evaluation and for 30-minute follow-up appointments as needed. During the initial assessment, the psychiatrist will perform a comprehensive evaluation including reviewing both medical and mental health concerns. She might request your consent to obtain laboratory tests or past treatment records. At the end of the appointment, she will discuss various treatment options; follow up visits might be recommended.

You may be referred by your counselor to our staff psychiatrist because medical factors are suspected of contributing to your presenting issues, and you may benefit from medications. Psychotropic medications might help to alleviate the intensity of symptoms and allow you to work with your counselor in therapy to address the underlying issues. If medication is recommended, it is in your hands to decide whether or not to take this form of treatment. However, we encourage you to be open with your psychiatrist about concerns you may have; declining medications can interfere with your ability to get better. If you decide to begin a course of medication, the CAPS psychiatrist will discuss possible side effects, provide instructions for taking the medication, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and coordinate treatment with your counselor to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.