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MiResource FAQs

MiResource Frequently Asked Questions

How does a provider become listed in the directory?

The providers listed have expressed interest in becoming part of the directory and have identified
themselves as licensed mental health providers in the area. The information contained in this tool
is self-report information from the providers.

Are providers in the directory “approved” or “endorsed” by Montclair State University?

No. The directory contains information that may help students, faculty, and staff seeking mental
health care to connect with outside providers in the community who meet their needs. Montclair
State University is not endorsing or recommending the providers listed.

How do I know if a provider is a mental health professional?

All mental health providers listed in the directory identify themselves as licensed mental health
practitioners. Montclair State University has not verified their licensure status. You should
contact providers directly to determine if their qualifications meet your needs.

How do I know whether my insurance company will pay for therapy?

Insurance plans can vary, so you are responsible for checking with your insurance plan to ensure
you are covered to receive care with a specific provider (see below for additional information
about contacting your insurance).

What happens if a therapist is recommended, but my insurance company doesn’t list them
as a preferred provider?

The provider database will list the insurance each provider accepts. Insurance companies can
have multiple plans, so it is recommended you contact member services of your insurance plan to
verify that treatment with a specific provider will be covered.

Do I need a referral for therapy?

Some plans may require prior authorization to begin therapy. Call your insurance member
services to see if a referral is required. Members who have the Montclair State University
Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna) do not require a referral.

What if I’m unhappy with how my therapy is going?

If you are unhappy with the provider you are working with it is recommended that you talk to
your provider about what is not working for you in therapy to see if there is a resolution. You
can also terminate your treatment and locate a new provider within your benefit plan.