students walking on a fall day

Agents of Change

Mondays at 1-2pm (in-person), in Student Center 421, starting September 26, 2022.

Facilitated by: Dr. Sudha Wadhwani and Charisma Jackson, LCSW

Agents of Change is a discussion and support group for Students of Color seeking peer mentorship to assist in reaching their personal, academic, and professional goals. The group aims to support students in developing positive coping skills, managing first generation college student issues, balancing their multiple demands, and confronting the barriers that impact their daily lives, in order to succeed as a college student and beyond.

Weekly sessions will focus on the following topics and themes: building confidence and self-compassion, setting realistic goals and expectations, staying motivated and maintaining resilience in overcoming obstacles, developing coping and stress management skills, prioritizing health and wellness, and increasing agency and leadership skills.

Co-sponsored by CAPS, EOF and OSJD.  For further information, please contact Dr. Sudha Wadhwani at  A pre-group interview is required to participate in the group. Consistent weekly attendance is expected.