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Student Conduct

The purpose of Student Conduct is to develop student integrity and accountability through an educational, consistent, and equitable conduct process.  Student Conduct investigates and adjudicates alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct which includes behavioral misconduct, academic misconduct, and student organization misconduct. Students who engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the Code are subject to University disciplinary action.

The process by which the University investigates and resolves alleged violations of the Standards of Conduct is called the student conduct process. The conduct process is educational in nature and centered around student development. Although Student Conduct can issue disciplinary sanctions, many allegations of misconduct are resolved through an educational and developmental approach. The process is designed to promote learning and development as it relates to appropriate decision making.The Director of Student Conduct acts on behalf of the Office of the Dean of Students and works closely with various offices, such as the Office of Residence Life and University Police, on issues of University policy, community standards, and student discipline.


Please contact Christopher Trautman with any questions you have about the discipline process, filing a complaint, University policies, or the role of student conduct in campus life and student development.

Christopher Trautman
Director, Student Conduct
Office of the Dean of Students
Student Center, Suite 400
Tel: 973-655-6981

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