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Preferred Names

Preferred/Used Names at Montclair State University

Montclair State University recognizes that some individuals have a strong preference to use and be known by a name other than their Legal Name for reasons related to their gender identity, cultural background, or for other social or personal reasons. It is the University’s policy to permit students and employees to designate, use, and be known within the University community by a Preferred Name, to the extent that doing so is consistent with law, assures the integrity of the University’s official records, and is reasonably feasible to accommodate within the University’s record-management systems.


Legal Name – The name that is recognized by state and/or federal law as an individual’s legal identification.

Preferred Name – A name different than an individual’s Legal Name that the individual selects and that the University approves for use within the University environment.

Verifying a Preferred Name

Many students have already designated a preferred name in their initial college application or through the Dean of Students Office.

To verify your preferred name:

  • Log into NEST.
  • In the top right corner next to the Sign Out button, you will see your preferred name.

If you need to adjust, apply for or remove a preferred name designation, please use the Preferred/Used Name Designation/Removal Application.

Please Note: This form should not be used for informal nicknames.