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Permission to Release Disciplinary Records

Please complete the following form, answering all questions, in order to provide the Office of the Dean of Students permission to release any Montclair State University disciplinary records.

If your form requires graduation verification, transcript requests, GPA or any type of academic record verification, please send your form directly to the Registrar’s Office and they will forward it to the Dean of Students’ Office once it is complete. Please contact them directly for information on the releases they require.

A student’s disciplinary record will be maintained in the Office of the Dean of Students. The case record of a student found responsible for charge(s) against them, with sanctions less than suspension and expulsion, will generally be maintained in the Office of the Dean of Student for seven years from the calendar year of record, after which they are destroyed. The disciplinary case record of a student who has been placed on Disciplinary Suspension or Expulsion will be permanently maintained as official records by the Office of the Dean of Students.

All forms must be completed and submitted 7-10 business days before their deadline in order to be processed. Please use one form for each entity requesting information.

Release of Records

The release of student disciplinary records will be governed by applicable federal and state laws regarding the privacy of educational records.

Permission to Release Disciplinary Records
Please provide the name of the institution AND a contact name or department of the entity who will receive this report along with either the fax or e-mail address. Please be advised that the individual requesting this information cannot be the recipient.
If this information is to be mailed, please provide the name of the institution AND a contact name or department of the entity along with their mailing address, and phone number.
Please note, if you are graduating, you are not transferring.
If you are transferring to another institution of higher education, please explain the reason for leaving Montclair State University. Please be as detailed as possible. If you are not transferring, please write: not transferring.
If feasible, what year did you graduate?
Please state your reason(s) for this request.
What is the due date for this form? Please be sure to provide 7-10 business days to process.
By signing your name to the box below, you are verifying your identity as the person who this form has been completed for. Requesting information for someone else is unlawful and violators will be reported to proper authorities. Forms that are not signed will not be accepted.

After submitting this form, please email forms that were supplied by the entity requesting the information. If the form requests any academic information, it must go to the Registrar’s Office first and they will send the form, completed with academic information, to us to complete the disciplinary portion. Email to: studentconduct@montclair.edu