HIED at Investiture 2022

Financial Support Opportunities

Graduate Assistantship (Fall):

The Department of Educational Leadership offers Graduate Assistantships. These highly competitive positions focus on research with a faculty member and/or opportunities to work with administrators and gain higher education experience. These positions are allocated to students that show previous experiences with research or the potential to contribute to research under the guidance of a faculty member. We typically have positions available for the Fall Semester each year.

If you are interested in a Graduate Assistantship (research based), you must indicate this on your application.

Graduate Student Coordinator (Spring):

Graduate Student Coordinator Positions are offered from administrative departments at MSU and beyond (i.e., residence life, commuter life, student activities, EOF, diversity center) These highly competitive positions offer several benefits that may include a stipend, meals, housing, parking, room and board, (some may also include tuition coverage) etc.. Typically there are 25+ positions available all year around.

If you are interested in a Graduate Student Coordinator Position, once you are accepted into the HIED program, you will be invited during the spring semester to sign up to attend the Graduate Student Coordinator Fair.

For additional information on financial aid support at Montclair State University, please visit Red Hawk Central landing page.