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How To Include Transfer Courses

  1. For courses assigned a Montclair State equivalency on Degree Works, you may add them to your list of major courses in consultation with your faculty adviser:
    • Select the search function in EMA.
    • Type in the Montclair State University discipline code and course number.
    • Review the detail for each instance of the course until you find a match for appropriate requirements. For example: suppose Degree Works assigns Montclair State University’s “Literature of the American Renaissance ENGL 226” as equivalent to your course from another institution. In consultation with your adviser, review the original course syllabus and/or course catalog description and decide which requirements were satisfied—e.g. Literature prior to 1900, fiction, and emphasis on women and class. You can then search ENGL 226 and find a section and semester in which the course meets those criteria. You can then add that section of ENGL 226 to your list of courses and EMA will include it as part of your online audit.
  2. For courses that have been identified on Degree Works as major credit but without a specific course equivalency, you can consult with your adviser to see if, after review of syllabus and/or course description, a course equivalency can be identified. You can then search EMA for instances of that course to see if there is a match for various requirements.
  3. If no equivalency is found, consult with your adviser and Fill out Form A: Transfer Course Information for EMA. Adviser must sign and date. Attach to EMA final audit.
  4. For courses that have been identified as requiring department approval, your faculty adviser will determine if the course may be applied to the major. If yes, then follow the steps in #2 and or #3.
    Also, if yes, a credit adjustment form will need to be completed by your Adviser.
  5. Please remember that the total number of transfer credits applied to the major must be noted on the EMA print out with appropriate faculty signature.