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Combined BS/MS in Exercise Science and Athletic Training

5-year Combined BS in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Professional/Clinical and MS in Athletic Training


The combined BS in Exercise Science, Clinical and Preprofessional Concentration and MS in Athletic Training allows students the opportunity to complete two degrees in 5 years. A total of 12 graduate credit hours apply to BOTH the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The program is designed for highly focused students who wish to pursue Athletic Training careers and are prepared to complete coursework year-round in order to accelerate their time to completion of both degrees. The MS in Athletic Training degree is Accredited by the CAATE and allows students to take the Board of Certification exam for Athletic Training.

Program Entry

All prospective candidates for the major must meet the requirements for regular acceptance to Montclair State University. Students will indicate the BS Exercise Science, concentration in Clinical and Pre-Professional Studies/MS Athletic Training choice of major. Students will complete 150 total credits to satisfy the BS/MS combined program. This includes 120 credits to meet the requirements for the BS in Exercise Science and the 42 credit MS in Athletic Training. There are 12 “swing course” credits taken in the summer and final semester that count toward both programs. The courses are:

  1. ATTR 500 Athletic Training Principles
  2. ATTR 530 Pathology of Physical Trauma
  3. ATTR 540 Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis I
  4. ATTR 552 Clinical Practicum

Since these courses swing and count in both program it provides even more value to students and reduces the number of graduate credits that are paid for at graduate tuition rates to 30. Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 credits before these courses are taken. Students are recommended to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Prospective students who already have a bachelor’s degree and meet requirements for the graduate program must apply for the stand-alone MS in Athletic Training degree through The Graduate School.


Upon declaring their major as the BS/MS program, students are a departmental advisor. Students should meet with their advisor at least once per semester to establish a plan to complete program requirements in accordance with the prescribed program of study. The program will apply for a priority registration PIN for these students through the Office of the Provost and the Registrar’s Office so that they can complete the program as prescribed. Students are required to meet with their adviser as this is the primary mechanism for students to obtain their information about courses and registration PINS.

Students are not in a Master’s Degree Program until the BS in Exercise Science is granted by the University, but they are in an accelerated pathway that will allow them to complete all prerequisites for a Master’s Program and will be given priority to enter the MS in Athletic Training Program if they meet all program requirements.

Students should plan to meet with the MS in Athletic Training Program Coordinator in their third year to discuss the official application to the Master’s Degree Program. The final two courses in the BS/MS program are graduate courses taken in the summer prior to starting the graduate program. Students must complete the “Permission To Enroll For An MSU Undergraduate To Take Graduate Courses For Graduate Credit” form and it must be processed in order to take these classes. Through advisement, students will be informed to complete this process in their final spring semester as an undergraduate when the summer course schedule is made available. Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 credits before these courses are taken, however, in the manner described through advising students in this program will take the swing courses as the last 12 credits prior to graduation.