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Risk Management

The Risk Management Coordinator is responsible for maintaining insurance policies, filing claims with the State and insurance carriers, establishing appropriate insurance limits for University contracts, and serving as the liaison to the State College and University Office of Risk Management and the State of NJ Bureau of Risk Management. Claims need to be filed with the Risk Management office (150 Clove Road, 3rd floor, ext. 7410) within 90 days of the occurrence and a University police report is required. Proof of loss or an estimate of damages in the case of vehicular damage must also be provided. In the case in which a state vehicle driven by a Montclair State Employee is involved in an accident, Form RM-1A must be completed by the driver, signed by the supervisor and forwarded to the Risk Management office within 24 hours of the incident.

The Risk Coordinator renews vehicle registrations and maintains insurance identification. University vehicles may only be operated by University employees in the performance of University business. University employees must have a valid driver’s license and be authorized by their supervisor. The supervisor is required to obtain a copy of the driver’s license and forward it along with a completed Form RM100 to the Risk Management office for final authorization prior to driving a University vehicle.

Student personal property is not covered under Montclair State University’s insurance policy. Therefore, we encourage residential students to take out insurance if your personal property is not covered under your own homeowner or tenant insurance policy.

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