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Tips and Tools

Workday Mobile Application Instructions

 download pdf instructions

Workday delivers cloud-based information to your fingertips using mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Download and setup instructions are provided below.

The Workday app:

  • Provides secure, mobile access to your Workday applications on-the-go.
  • Lets you view your notifications and tasks that require your attention and immediate action.
  • Helps you stay connected to your work by gaining quick insight into what’s important through interactive reports and dashboards.

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Setup Instructions

  • Launch the application and press the login button

  log in screen for workday

  • Type “Montclair” and click to Find Your Organization ID. This will lead you to a single sign-on page.

enter organization id screen

  • Enter your NetID and password

single sign on screen

  • You will need to verify the sign-on

authentication method screen

  • Click the “remember this device” checkbox if you are using a trusted device (optional)

remember device prompt

  • You can set up your fingerprint to log in faster (optional)

use fingerprint login

  • You can set up a pin to log in (optional)

number keypad

  • You will arrive at the Welcome screen


How to Create Inbox Filters in Workday (to create a filter for items that already exist in your inbox)

If you have a variety of tasks that appear in your inbox to approve (Time approvals, Expenses, Requisitions, and Performance Reviews), you may choose to filter those items by a specific task. Inbox filters serve as a means to assist with managing your inbox by viewing one type of task at a time.

  1. Log into Workday

  2. Click on Inbox (top right-hand corner)

  3. Under the Actions tab, click on the down arrow next to the box that states ‘viewing all’

  4. Select ‘edit filters’

  5. Then, click ‘create inbox filter’

  6. In the Description box, you must choose a name for the filter

  7. Under View Definition, click the dial next to ‘business process type’

  8. In the box, click on the three lines to search for available inbox items

  9. Select ‘business process type in inbox’

  10. Select the business process type to create the filter

  11. Then click ‘ok’, then ‘done’

How to Add a Dashboard to your Landing Page

Workday provides a way to view reports by specific functional areas. There are several dashboards available that can provide access to data via delivered reports and charts. To access the dashboard functions follow the steps listed below.

  1. In the top right-hand corner, under the inbox, click on the gear (wheel) icon

  2. Under Optional Worklets, click on the plus sign, next to the word order at the top of the chart

  3. A blank box appears, type the name of the dashboard that you are searching for (eg. Recruiting, My Staffing Actions), then select the dashboard.

  4. Click ‘ok, then ‘done’

Management Chain and Job Requisition Visibility

Those in a Management Chain in Workday have visibility to job requisitions and candidate information; however, they cannot take action (i.e. disposition, move forward, bundle resumes, etc.) on the candidate.

The Management Chain in Workday is dependent on the alignment of Workday’s Supervisory Orgs.

People/positions are in blue and roll into one Supervisory Org. People/positions show the employee’s name (name will be blank if the position is unfilled) listed at the top, then the position title and position classification.

Supervisory Orgs are in orange. Supervisory Orgs show the name of the Supervisory Org at the top, then list the Org’s Manager and name of the Division. One person may have multiple Supervisory Orgs under their name.

Example: Briar Rose is Sunny Shine’s Manager, but Briar does not have access to R1111111. This is because the open position (P1001111) is in an org that roles up to Chris Anthemum, not Briar Rose. The Management Chain for R1111111 is Simon Says, Jane Doe, Chris Anthemum, and Sunny Shine.

sunny shine - titleteam chartmanagement chain in team