Rocky holding an ID card.

ID Cards and Transfer Orientation

Welcome to Montclair State University!

We are glad you’ve chosen to be a Red Hawk and look forward to seeing you in the fall semester! Welcome to Red Hawk Country!

It is mandatory for you to submit a photo to be used for your University ID card through the eAccounts website.

University ID Card “To-Do List” Before Your Orientation:

  • Find\take a great photo of yourself! (Color photo only).
  • Crop from just above the top of your head to your shoulders. (Important – do not crop off any part of your head or the photo will be rejected!)
  • Look straight ahead into the camera.
  • Hats, sunglasses, emojis, hands, hair, making faces, or anything obstructing\touching your face is not permitted.
  • You must be the only person in the photo.
  • Use a flash to eliminate shadows on your face.
  • Stand against a light-colored wall for the background.
  • Think of a driver’s license\passport photo but with a smile!

How To Upload Your Photo

  1. Log into the eAccounts website with your NetID and password and register your account if this is your first time visiting eAccounts.
  2. To register your account:
    • Click on the “Profile” tab
    • Click “Transaction System Registration” in the menu bar
    • Click “Register” to connect your account to the transaction system
  3. Now you can submit your photo, click the “Profile” tab and then click “Click here to submit your photo link”, from here you will be prompted to upload your photo.
  4. Within 24 hours (business days only) you will receive an automated email indicating whether your photo was either approved or rejected.

Please Note: Photos are reviewed during business hours\days (excluding Fridays in the summer, Saturdays, Sundays). After review, an automated email is sent informing you whether your photo has been accepted or rejected.

Two Forms of Identification

In order to receive your ID card, it is mandatory to present two forms of valid identification. This is to confirm your identity so you can receive your University ID card. One form of identification must be a valid photo ID.

One from Column A One from Column B
Valid photo driver’s license Credit\debit card
Valid photo passport Birth certificate
Valid photo military ID card Health insurance card
Valid state photo ID card Previous school ID card
Signed Social Security card

Pictures on cell phones of identification will not be accepted. Actual documents must be presented.

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