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LGBTQ Employee Resources Group

The LGBTQ Employee Resource Group organizes social events for faculty, staff and employees at Montclair State. These events provide an opportunity for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer staff, faculty, employees, and allies to meet and connect with one another, sponsor activities and programs that educate, promote interests, and build unity among LGBTQ people, and facilitate discussion of current issues and interests.

Our goals are to:

  • Foster a safe and comfortable environment for LGBTQ students, faculty and staff
  • Educate the University community about the lives & concerns of LGBTQ individuals
  • Provide positive role models of openly LGBTQ faculty & staff as a support system for other LGBTQ faculty, staff & students.
  • Advocate for and facilitate the inclusion of LGBTQ lives & concerns in academic pursuits such as research, curriculum development, & cultural programming
  • Advocate for LGBTQ issues within the structure of the University, e.g., University policy and personnel issues
  • Create a forum to respond to issues of concern to LGBTQ people in the wider community

This group was formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Faculty and Staff Association. 

Folks interested in this resource group should contact Dr. Ashante Connor:

Email: connora@montclair.edu