Graduate Commencement


Student Graduation Date Dissertation Title
Current Position
Alfred Limbere 2022 Using Teacher Noticing and Video-Mediated Professional Learning to Develop Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching the Derivative
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Montclair State University
Erell Germia 2022 Investigating Elementary School Students’ Reasoning about Dynamic Angles
Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Kean University
Gurkan Kose 2021 Secondary Teachers’ Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Thinking as They Participate in a Professional Development Program Centered on Task-Based Student Interviews
Chief Academic Officer at iLearn Schools, and Adjunct Instructor at MSU
Ceire H. Monahan 2021 Fostering Mathematical Creativity Among Middle School Mathematics Teachers
Professional Development Provider (Amplify) and Adjunct Instructor at MSU
Jessica Tybursky Nuzzi 2021 Transitioning Secondary Mathematics Pedagogy Towards Reform-Oriented Practice Through Coteaching
High School Mathematics Teacher, West Orange High School, NJ

Mathematics Supervisor for Grades 6-12 at Caldwell-West Caldwell Schools

Megan Roeder 2020 A Community of Learning in an Elementary School Mathematics Classroom
Middle School Intervention Teacher, Park Forest Middle School, PA
Madhavi Vishnubhotla 2020 The Role of Covariational Reasoning in Pre-Service Teachers’ Meanings for Quadratic and Exponential Relationships
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech University
Victoria Bonaccorso 2020 Video Case Materials and the Development of Collective Professional Knowledge
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Montclair State University;
Professional Development Consultant, Staff Development Workshops
Debasmita Basu 2019 Developing Students’ Critical Consciousness about the Greenhouse Effect through Covariational Reasoning in Dynamic Mathematical Modeling Activities
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, The New School
Jacqueline Dauplaise 2019 One Teacher’s Transformation of Practice through the Development of Covariational Thinking and Reasoning in Algebra: A Self-Study
Teacher in Palm Beach Public Schools
Douglas Platt 2019 Pre-Service Teachers’ Engagement in a Discourse about Integers from a Sfardian Perspective
Adjunct Professor, Ocean County College, NJ
Zareen Rahman 2018 Adjunct Instructor’s Opportunities for Learning Through Engagement with a Research-Based Mathematics Curriculum
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, James Madison University
Mary L. Dalton 2017 Characterizing the “Realistic-ness” of Word Problems in Secondary Mathematics Textbooks
Teacher at Austin Pea State University
Peggy Flood 2017 Adult Learners, Learning Disabilities, and Mathematics: A Case Study
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics, Mitchell College
Rabab Abi-Hanna 2016 How do Manipulatives Help Students Communicate Their Understanding of Double-Digit Subtraction?
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and Graduate Program Co-Coordinator, at CUNY Lehman College
Eliza Leszczynski 2014 Study of Middle School Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Practices, Perceptions, and Attitudes Related to Mathematics and Science Integration
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Felician University
Mark Russo 2014 Quantitative literacy and high school mathematics: The evolution of a collaboratively constructed course and its impact on students’ attitudes and numeracy
District Supervisor, Pascack Valley
Richard McNamee 2013 Teaching Social Justice Mathematics in a Privileged Setting
Mathematics teacher, Ridgewood HS
Patricia Garruto 2012 American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC) Reform Policies in Practice: Implementing Standards in Classroom Instruction For Basic Skills Mathematics at One Four-Year College in New Jersey
Caldwell College, Mathematics Department Chair
Jodie Ann Miller 2012 Serving two Masters: A Study of Quantitative Requirements at Small Colleges and Universities
Marius Petric 2011 Reform in Mathematical Education: “What do We Teach For and Against?”
District Supervisor, Jefferson Township
Kristie Lynn Prokop 2011  The Relationship Between Studying Music and Mathematics Performance on the New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment
Mathematics teacher, Morris Mendham SD
Banmali Banerjee 2010 The Effects of Using Diagramming as a Representational Technique on High School Students’ Achievement in Solving Math Word Problems
Teaching Instructor of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Joy Brokes 2010 The Effect of Using a Problem/Project Based, Document Driven Unit of Instruction on High School Students’ Achievement in the Data Analysis Cluster of the HSPA and on their attitude towards Mathematics.
Sarah Quebec Fuentes 2009 The Evolution of One Teacher’s Interactions with Students Working in Small Groups to Improve their Communication, Self-Regulating, and Problem-Solving Skills
Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, Texas Christian University
Laura Ann Clinton Sullivan 2008 A Study of Students’ Perceptions About Their Attitude Toward Mathematics (ATM), Achievement in Mathematics (AIM), Factors that Influence ATM, and Suggestions to Improve ATM in a “Better Than Average” District
Mathematics teacher, Closter SD
Arpi Lajinian 2008 The Effect of Visually Enhanced Instructional Unit on High School Calculus Students’ Visualization Ability and their Understanding of the Limit Concept.
Mathematics teacher, Northern Valley Regional HS
Janice-Lynn Shuhan 2006 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Secondary Math Class Activities: The Influence of Multiple Intelligences Inspired Tasks on Student Learning of Geometry Concepts
Mathematics Teacher, Dean of Students in Belleville SD
Michelle Elizabeth Sarver 2006 Metacognition and Mathematical Problem Solving: Case Studies of Six Seventh Grade Students
Mathematics teacher at Northvale SD, adjunct at Montclair State University
Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy 2005 Assistant professor of mathematics education, SUNY Stony Brook
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, New York City College of Technology
Ray Siegrist 2005 A Mathematical Community of Inquiry in the High School Setting.
Associate professor of mathematics education, SUNY Oneonta
Diane Carluccio 2005 The Use Of The Graphing Calculator To Support The Learning Of The Function Concept By Students With Learning Disabilities In A Mathematics Classroom.
Retired teacher, researcher for math education center at Stevens
Martha Baklarz Croley 2003 Factors that Produce and Reduce Mathematics Anxiety as Perceived by Seventh Grade Females : A Qualitative Study
Supervisor of Secondary Education, Kinnelon
Deborah L. Ives 2003 The Development of Seventh Graders’ Conceptual Understanding of Geometry and Spatial Visualization Abilities Using Mathematical Representations with Dynamic Models.