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STEM Reasoning Development leads to Communication and Use of Representations

Doctoral Student and Faculty Publish Paper

Instructional Perseverance in Early-Childhood Classrooms: Supporting Children’s Development of STEM Reasoning in a Social Justice Context


Most-downloaded Paper Award

Ward, DiNapoli, & Monahan's presentation at NCTM 2021

Student presents at national conference

The presentation described the intentional actions that teachers can take to persevere in their instruction to better support mathematics learning opportunities for young children.

presentation screenshot

Grad students present on mathematical modeling education

Students' Reorganizations of Varitational, Covariational, and Multivariational Reasoning

Doctoral Students Present at International Conference

Their presentation focused on their work with the ACMES project

Conceptualizing Instructional Perseverance in Early-Childhood Mathematics Settings researchers

Doc Student Presents at Conference about Early-Childhood Mathematics Instruction

Doctoral Students Present at Mathematics Education Conference

A Drawn2Math Task and Feedback

Paper published about digital sketching application

Building Informal Statistical Inference about Correlation

Doctoral Students Present at Statistics Education conference

Their presentation was titled “Building Informal Statistical Inference about Correlation”

Examining Students’ Reasoning About Multiple Quantities

Doctoral student Erell Germia presents at Psychology of Mathematics Education conference

Analyzing Teacher Learning in a Community of Practice Centered On Video Cases of Mathematics Teaching

AIM-TRU presents at Psychology of Mathematics Education conference

The team was led by doctoral student Youngjun Kim and recent doctoral program graduate Dr. Victoria Bonaccorso

Designing for an Integrated STEM+C Experience

Doctoral student Toni York presents at Psychology of Mathematics Education conference