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Amy Daniel and Dr. DiNapoli with their poster at RUME 2024

Sharing findings at the annual Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education Conference

John O'Meara and Shanna Anderson at NARST conference

Doctoral students in Mathematics Education and Teacher Education and Teacher Development present at national conference

Geena Taite speaking at the Pi Mu Epsilon society event

Doctoral candidate speaks at Ramapo College’s mathematics honor society induction ceremony

construction models made in the Desmos application

“It’s Just Lines”: A Qualitative Analysis of Emergent Structures and Experiences within STEAM Education Initiatives for Secondary-Level Students

Doctoral student John O’Meara recently published this article in the LASER (Linking Art and Science through Education and Research) Journal

Karmen with her mentor Dr. Steven Greenstein after presenting at the 2024 RUME conference

Doctoral Candidate Presents Dissertation Findings at National Conference

Karmen Yu’s research addresses the question: How do undergraduate Calculus I students experience and navigate their learning of calculus in the parallel spaces of coursework and inquiry-oriented complementary instruction?

International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education

New Publication!

Meaning-making Systems: A Multimodal Analysis of a Latinx Student’s Mathematical Learning

doctoral students twinning at AMTE 2024 conference

Doctoral students present at AMTE

Dr. Henry Pollak receiving the Sol Garfunkel award

Mathematical Modeling Day honors Dr. Pollak

NCSM Journal December 2023

Characterizing Mathematics Teacher Learning Patterns through Collegial Conversations in a Community of Practice

A team of students and faculty published their work in the December issue of the Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (JMEL)

Geena Taite, Educator of the Year at Diana C. Lobosco Teaching Academy

PhD Candidate, Geena Taite, Receives Educator of the Year Governor’s Award

Geena was awarded the honor for her work at Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy

Life of George the Rock, a rock cycle simulation

Using Debugging As A Platform For Transdisciplinary Learning

The article revealed that practicing computational thinking through debugging offers ample opportunities for transdisciplinary learning

Investigating Instructional Enactments in Undergraduate Precalculus and their Relationships to Students' Attitudes Towards Mathematics and Perseverance in Problem-solving presented by Amy Daniel and Joseph DiNapoli at the 2023 NE-RUME Conference

Math Ed team presents at NE-RUME

Investigating the relationships between enactments of a research-based precalculus curriculum and students’ attitudes towards mathematics and perseverance in problem-solving