Daniel Abuabasa

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with Mathematics and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Economics from the University of Ghana. I also obtained an MS (Finance) from Pace University, New York, and an MS (Statistics) from Montclair State University. Before I came to the United States, I taught mathematics in the high school in Ghana for some time, after which I went to work with the Ghana Statistical Service. Currently, I teach Mathematics (Resource) at JFK High school in Paterson and have enrolled in the EdD (Mathematics Education) Program at Montclair State University.

Adam Anderson

Adam is a doctoral candidate and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. He went to West Liberty University for his bachelor’s and West Virginia University for his master’s. He currently teaches full-time and is a part-time student. His research interests include student understanding of topological concepts, cultural diversity in mathematics education, and technology use in education.

Abiodun Banner

Abiodun Banner is a part-time doctoral student of Nigerian descent and a full-time high school geometry teacher. She also runs a mentoring group called The Ladies of Leadership which focuses on self-awareness and self-confidence to empower young women to be active leaders of tomorrow. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Math Education at New Jersey City University and her Master’s degree in Education from The College of NJ and has been teaching high school for close to 10 years. Her research interest focuses on math anxiety and practical tools to recognize and address it within our classroom.

Debasmita Basu

Debasmita Basu is a full-time Doctoral student and a Graduate Research Assistant at Montclair State University. She has earned her Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Mathematics from India and has also completed a Bachelor of Education prior to teaching high school for four years. Her research interest focuses on designing dynamic mathematical tasks that aim to instill within students a critical consciousness towards various social and environmental justice issues and studying the development of students’ conception about covariational reasoning as they engage in these tasks. She believes that mathematics is not just a subject but it is a tool that enables students to better interpret different mathematical representations, such as graphs, data-sets and equations that they encounter in out of school contexts such as news media, journals and weather reports, so that they develop an appreciation towards the use of power of mathematics to understand and question institutional structures.

Outside of her professional life, she loves traveling, seeing the world, meeting new people and capturing moments with her camera.

Victoria Bonaccorso

Victoria Bonaccorso earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Northeastern University in 2006 and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University in 2012. She is in her 12th year as a high school mathematics teacher at Pequannock Township High School having taught all courses from Algebra through Calculus. Having started the program in January 2014, Tory is finishing her coursework and is preparing for her dissertation. Her research interests include teacher education (both pre-service and in-service), teaching with technology, and gender equity in mathematics education.

Quintin Cedeno

Rich Cella

Rich is a full-time doctoral student at Montclair State University. He has a BS in Applied Sciences of Engineering from Rutgers University and an MA in Mathematics Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. His teaching experience and background cover 15 years, different districts and different grade levels (6th grade through freshman in college.) Teaching mathematics and physics in those environments has given Rich a lot of practical experience to draw from as he pursues his doctoral degree. Physics is his passion, and he wants to see learners become less anxious about mathematics so that we can continue to unravel the mysteries of our universe. His research interests include how humans perceive and cognize mathematical ideas and concepts and also the use of stress reduction techniques (mindfulness based stress reduction, MBSR) to help teachers and students combat the stress of modern schooling.

Matthew Dalzell

Jacqueline Dauplaise

Jacqueline Dauplaise is a mathematics teacher at Wayne Hills High School in Wayne, N.J. She has been teaching Algebra I and II for the past five years, prior to that she taught 7th grade at Schuyler Colfax Middle School, also in Wayne. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics, a master’s in Education Concentration in Mathematics, and a master’s in the Art of Teaching. She is excited to say she has completed her doctoral course requirements.

Anthony Emmons

Inspired by his 9th grade geometry teacher, Anthony chose to become a teacher of mathematics. After earning his BS in Mathematics Education from Montclair State in 2006, Anthony began his teaching career at South Plainfield High School. A lifelong learner, Anthony returned to Montclair State University, earned his master’s in Educational Leadership in 2012, and has been a member of the Math Ed PhD program since 2015. Entering his 12th year in public education, Anthony currently serves the Clark Public School District as the grades 6-12 STEAM Supervisor. He resides in Whitehouse Station.

Frank Forte

My name is Frank Forte. I’m in my second year of the doctoral program (part-time). I worked for 17 years as a high school math teacher where I taught everything from HSPA / AHSA remediation courses through BC Calculus. I earned a master’s degree in Mathematics from Montclair State in 2007, then completed my supervisor’s certificate in 2011. I left the high school in 2015 to become a full-time instructor at Raritan Valley Community College, where I teach the range of courses (from Elementary Algebra through Calc. III and Linear Algebra). At the college, I serve on college-wide committees and beginning in the spring, I will serve as the department’s concurrent enrollment coordinator, working with high schools that teach our courses on site.

Outside of teaching, I spend time as a public address announcer for various sports events, volunteer as an announcer for an annual Special Olympics meet and serve as a church volunteer. I’m excited to continue my doctoral studies as a part-time student at Montclair State University.

Erell Feb Germia

Erell Germia’s research interest focuses on how students mathematize the world and learn mathematical concepts while programming simulations for scientific phenomena. Another research topic that interests her is on students’ multilingual mathematics learning. Currently, she is a full-time doctoral student and works as a research assistant. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s in Mathematics at West Visayas State University.

James Janakat

Gurkan Kose

Gurkan received his BS and MS in Mathematics Education from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been teaching mathematics in New York and New Jersey since 2004. He currently serves as the Mathematics Program Director at iLearn Schools, working with K-12 mathematics teachers spanning Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic Counties in New Jersey. As a part-time doctoral candidate and graduate research assistant, he participates in various projects at Montclair State. He is interested in the professional development of pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers.

Elise Lahiere

Elise Lahiere works full time at Montclair State University as a Course Coordinator in the Red Hawk Math Learning Center, where classes are taught in an “emporium” style using Pearson’s MyLabsPlus learning platform. She has earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Master’s Degree in Statistics at Montclair State. This is currently her first year as a part-time student in the Mathematics Education doctoral program.

Alfred Limbere

Alfred Limbere is pursuing a PhD in Mathematics Education and a doctoral research assistant on the Noyce @ Montclair project. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Mathematics Education from Rutgers University. As a member of the Noyce project, Alfred aims to gain more meaningful skills about effective mathematics teaching. He is a soccer fan and enjoys playing soccer in his free time.

Mustafa Mohamed

Mustafa is a full-time Doctoral student and a Graduate Research Assistant at Montclair State University that started the program during the Fall 2018 semester. He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science & Technology and Mathematics with a focus in Mathematics and a Masters in Instruction and Curriculum from Kean University. Mustafa has a deep passion for the education of mathematics and aim to find meaningful skills about effective mathematics teaching. He feels fortunate to be part of this program at Montclair State and to be working with an amazing department.

Jessica Tybursky Nuzzi

Jessica is a doctoral candidate interested in secondary mathematics teachers’ transitions towards reform-oriented instructional practices that can lead to student conceptual understanding.  In relation, she is interested in transforming mathematics teaching to support all students in successfully appreciating the applications and beauty of mathematics.  Jessica is a full-time teacher at West Orange High School where she currently teaches Algebra 1 and Calculus. She is involved in curriculum writing and advises the math honors society, Mu Alpha Theta.  Jessica is also a part-time research assistant in the department. Jessica earned her MA in Mathematics Education from Montclair State University and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Megan Roeder

Megan is a doctoral candidate and former elementary school teacher. Megan’s research interests include investigating the culture of mathematics classrooms, developing communities of learning in mathematics classrooms, understanding the role of agency in mathematical teaching and learning, and learning mathematics through play, mostly in early elementary years. Megan earned a Master of Education and Master of Liberal Arts degree, both from Temple University, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from the Pennsylvania State University.

Madhavi Vishnubhotla

Madhavi is a doctoral candidate and earned both bachelor’s and master’s in Mathematics and bachelor’s in Education from India. She taught high school mathematics for over 15 years in India and held various administrative positions as well. As an awardee of the Fulbright Scholarship, she taught math at Downingtown High School East Campus in Pennsylvania. Enthusiastic about connecting her classroom teaching experiences with research work, her research interests include exploring in-service and pre-service teachers’ learning and understanding of mathematical ideas and how to prepare and support them in classroom instruction.

CJ Walker

CJ Walker has earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buffalo, Bachelor of Engineering from City College of New York, and Master of Business Administration from United States International University. He began teaching in 1995 and has taught in higher education Since 2003.

Laura Weinstein

My name is Laura Weinstein. I entered the doctoral program in the fall of 2014. A former IT professional in both the finance and entertainment industries, I changed careers to become a mathematics educator with the twofold goal of being a positive influence for helping individual students learn mathematics, as well as a force for positive change in public education overall. I teach at the secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels and delight in opportunities to experiment with compelling research findings in my classroom experiences. I love being in school (do what you love! then it doesn’t feel like work!) but for relaxation, I will read, draw, write, craft and sculpt miniatures, stroll around in gardens, or just hang out on the couch with my dog watching old movies. (Well, ok, I watch the movies and she just hangs out with me.) I feel very fortunate to be part of the doctoral community here at Montclair State.

Lyndsay Werner

My name is Lyndsay Werner. I started the doctoral program this fall and am currently taking my first class. My favorite memories in education consist in helping my graduating seniors fulfill their testing requirement for the state of New Jersey. Many of these students have struggled in math throughout their educational careers so they are extremely grateful to have a teacher believe in them and help them achieve their goals. It’s a very rewarding feeling to have students appreciate the work you do for them. Outside of this program I enjoy strength training and raising my two little girls. I hope this program will provide me with more avenues to introduce to my current teaching. For my dissertation, I would like to focus on how a more active learning approach can be used to teach upper-level mathematics as well as focusing on the need for professional development to support these teachers to do so effectively.

Trina Wooten

My name is Trina Wooten. I started this program during the Fall 2013 semester. One of my happiest moments was when I received the opportunity to work with a diverse group of elementary school students as a math instructor in an after-school program. I enjoy singing, croqueting, studying about topics such as religion, psychology, and the paranormal, watching movies, and helping those in need. As of now, I have become a better mathematics teacher at the post-secondary level, learned how to do research in the social sciences, and understand the difference between mathematics and mathematics education. My focus for my dissertation study will be the integration of math, arts, technology, and science (MATS) curriculum to assist the general population of students to see the relevance and use of mathematics in and outside of the classroom with other disciplines.

Antonina (Toni) York

Toni York is a full-time doctoral student and research assistant working on the ACMES STEM+C project. She has a B.A. in Mathematics, Physics, and Music (Composition) from Drew University and a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in German from Oregon State University. She also has an M.S. in Mathematics (Education) from Montclair State University and an M.E. in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. She spent the past seven years working as a civilian engineer with the USAF, during which she got involved in several STEM Outreach programs. She still works with USAF STEM Outreach on a summer program called Engineering Camp. Her research interests include the integration of mathematics with computer science and investigating how students’ perceptions of ability can impact academic success.

Karmen T. Yu

My name is Karmen T. Yu. I have recently graduated from New York City College of Technology (“City Tech”), CUNY, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a Science Concentration. I was a Peer Leader throughout my four years in City Tech. I have facilitated workshops and taught prep courses for various levels of mathematics. I have been a tutor in a math and reading learning center for over seven years. My goal is to teach mathematics in higher education. I have always been interested in mathematics, teaching, learning and conducting research. I thought Mathematics Education is the perfect field of study where all of my interests can fit and combine in one field.