What can I do with a PhD in Mathematics Education?

Become a faculty member at university/college
  • Teach undergraduate and graduate mathematics education (methods, content and research) courses
  • Conduct research in mathematics education
  • Mentor mathematics education graduate and undergraduate students
  • Teach undergraduate mathematics courses
Become a leader in your district
  • Curriculum developer
  • Evaluator
  • Department Chair
  • Professional development leader
  • Mathematics specialist
Work for private companies or on grant-related projects
  • Researcher
  • Textbook writer (or develop other publisher materials)
  • Textbook consultant
  • Editor of textbooks or other curriculum materials
  • Evaluator
  • Proposal writer
  • Editor of mathematics and mathematics education curriculum materials
Work on policy
  • Government positions in department of education
  • Consultant
  • Lobbyist for education reform
Teach K—12 mathematics
  • Research-based teacher
  • Innovator of teaching methodologies
  • Active participant in professional and research community