What can I do with a PhD in Mathematics Education?

You could become a faculty member at a university or college and…
Teach undergraduate and graduate mathematics education (methods, content and research) courses
Conduct research in mathematics education
Mentor mathematics education graduate and undergraduate students
Teach undergraduate mathematics courses
You could become a leader in a school district and…
Develop curriculum
Evaluate programs
Be a department chair
Take the lead in professional development
Be a mathematics specialist
You could work for a non-profit organization, work on grant-funded projects, or work in industry and…
Conduct research
Write and edit curriculum and other instructional materials
Write grants to fund innovative programs
You could use research to influence policy and…
Advocate for school improvement
Advise policy makers
Lobby for education reform and systemic change
Work in local government and in departments of education
Develop & test solutions to the thorniest and most persistent issues in mathematics education
You could teach K-12 mathematics and…
Use research to inform curriculum and teaching
Pioneer new approaches to teaching
Become an active participant in local professional and research communities
Develop extracurricular and informal math education programs