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Supplier Create Group

Under the fold of Procurement Services, the Supplier Create Group provides timely customer-oriented services for the creation, maintenance, and verification of the University’s supplier database. This group provides guidance to campus and suppliers throughout the supplier entry process. We ensure supplier files are consistent in setup, accurate and compliant with the University’s Procurement Policies and Procedures and the State of New Jersey public purchasing requirements.

General Information

Accurate supplier entries and updates are our primary objective since these files are responsible for purchase orders issuance, invoice payment, tax purposes and debarment.  Each supplier file is created based on the supplier unique tax identification number.

Once all the appropriate supplier documentation is received by the Supplier Create Group, most supplier files are created within 7 business days.  At peak times, supplier files may take up to, or more than,10 business days. It is important to not engage any supplier before an official purchase order has been issued by Procurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must be submitted for a supplier to be created in Workday?

Montclair State University requires suppliers to submit by Email, or fax, 973-655-5468 their legibly completed:

  1. Supplier Create/Maintain Form with the appropriate tax form.
  2. W9 (United States Tax Identification Number for Individuals, LLC, or Corporations) OR
  3. W8BEN (US Tax form for international individuals)
    W8BEN-E (US Tax form for international organizations)

All forms must be signed and dated by the supplier.  Please submit these forms in PDF format to allow for prompt entry.

What can campus do to help with the accurate and timely entry or update process?

Campus can assist in the supplier entry process by:

  1. Using the current version of the Supplier Create Maintain Form or Student Supplier Create Forms available here: Supplier Create / Maintenance Form and Instructions (PDF) / Student Supplier Number Create Form (PDF)
  2. Complete the Description of Services / Goods to be provided section on page 1 of the Supplier Create Form.
  3. Review the documents before submitting to the Supplier Create Group for legibility, signatures and dates. The submitted information is not only used for purchase orders and payments but also for tax reporting purposes.
  4. Submitting the Supplier Create Form and W9 in PDF format under a single Email. Please do not submit forms in a piece mail fashion.
  5. Provide your name and MSU Email address at the top of the Supplier Create Form.
  6. Outdated, incomplete, and illegible Supplier Create Forms will be rejected and returned for your action.
Will the Supplier Create Group notify me once the supplier file is available in Workday?

Yes, you will be notified if your name and MSU Email address is entered at the top of page 1 of the Supplier Create Form.

screenshot of supplier create form
How can I find a supplier in Workday?

The Find Suppliers report is the best method of finding a supplier in Workday.

1) Type Find Suppliers in the Search field in the upper left corner of the screen, and click Find Suppliers–Report.

screenshot of find supplier form

2) On the Find Suppliers screen, enter the name of the supplier on the Supplier field.

3) Select your supplier, then scroll down to click Enter to process the search.

screenshot of find suppliers form

For detailed guidance, please refer to “Confirm Supplier In Workday” section of the Procurement Lifecycle Job Aid

Are there instructions for completing the Supplier Create Form?

Yes, step by step instructions for completing the Supplier Create Form are incorporated in the Supplier Create / Maintenance Form and Instructions (PDF)

Our supplier wants purchase orders to be dispatched to two distinct Email addresses. Why can’t you do this?

At this time, the Workday supplier module permits only one PO Email dispatch address and only one Remittance Email address notification for each supplier.

Who should I contact on the status of my supplier entry?

For the efficient management of the supplier entry process, all communications must be directed to the Supplier Create Group Gmail,  Please state the supplier’s name in the subject line of your Email.

Our supplier has requested that the University complete their supplier reference form and submit the University’s W9 for their records. Should this request be directed to the Supplier Create Group for completion and response?

Any supplier’s requests for the University’s credit reference and W9 must be directed to the University’s Controller’s Office.

Supplier Forms & Resources