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Program Faculty

All faculty members affiliated with the MA in Psychology are listed below, along with their research interests. Prospective students may reach out to faculty members via email with questions about their work or to inquire into whether they plan to accept new students for mentorship in the coming year.

Yoav Arieh, PhD
Associate Professor

-Education: PhD, Cognitive Psychology, Bar Ilan University

-Research Interests: Auditory Perception, Selective attention and the way people combine information from different sources to make decisions about the environment. In particular, he studies how people treat multiple sources of information, either combining them or filtering some of them to create a stable perceptual representation

Laura Lakusta, PhD

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 -Education: PhD, Cognitive Developmental Psychology/Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University

 -Research Interests: Dr. Lakusta’s interests focus on language and cognitive development in typically developing infants and children, as well as children with developmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Language Impairment, and Williams syndrome. In particular, she studies how infants’ representations can support language development and how language input from the environment can influence development. 

Alan L. Pehrson, PhD
Assistant Professor
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-Education: PhD, Biological Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

-Research Interests: Interests: Biological basis of cognitive impairments, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders; Frontal cortex function; Inter-relationship of monoamine, GABA, and glutamate neurotransmitter systems; Pharmacology.

Ruth Propper, PhD
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 -Education: PhD, Cognitive Psychology, University of Toledo

 -Research Interests: Cerebral lateralization of cortical functions, particularly those of frontal areas, including language and spatial memory and emotional regulation; interhemispheric interaction in the context of cognition; individual differences in handedness; mechanisms by which brain activity can be altered and effects on behavior/cognition; sleep.

Joshua Sandry, PhD
Assistant Professor
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 -Education: PhD, Cognitive Psychology, New Mexico State University

 -Research Interests: Cognitive impairment and neuropsychological changes in multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury

Peter Vietze, PhD

 -Education: PhD, Developmental Psychology, Wayne State University

 -Research Interests: parent-child interaction in families with typically developing children and children who have developmental disabilities and autism; use of eye-tracking to understand emotion recognition in children with autism spectrum disorders. In the past, Dr. Vietze has conducted research in child abuse and neglect, parents with developmental disabilities, infant social and cognitive development and mastery motivation, adolescents with developmental disabilities, and infants with perinatal problems.

Yingying (Jennifer) Yang, PhD
Assistant Professor

 -Education: PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of Alabama

 -Research Interests: Cognitive development in typically developing children and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Yang is also interested in applying developmental research to real-world educational and clinical settings.