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A Collection on Spanish Golden Age Comedias Edited by Raúl Galoppe, Professor of Spanish and Latino Studies

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Promo for the Book "A Stubborn Ghost" by Peter Lang

Professor Raúl Galoppe, from the department of Spanish and Latino Studies, has published a new edited collection for Peter Lang. This highly anticipated collection of essays ranges from traditional inquiries to new explorations and stand as a monolithic recognition of Henry W. Sullivan’s varied body of work. In doing so, they serve as testimonies of the significance of Hispanic literary studies and criticism as we transition further into the 21st century.

A Stubborn Ghost
Essays in Honor of Henry W. Sullivan

Edited by Raúl A. Galoppe
Peter Lang, International Academic Publishers

A tribute to Henry W. Sullivan in celebration of his 80th birthday, this volume encompasses a wide spectrum of Hispanic literary scholarship to honor a prolific scholar whose contributions have been extensive, not only as a Golden Age Hispanist but also as a devoted Lacanian scholar, literary critic, translator, poet, novelist, playwright, and composer. The title of the collection comes directly from Sullivan’s recent study on tragic drama in the Golden Age of Spain. Even though the “ghost” he attempts to lay there is the critical controversy around defining and classifying tragedy among Spanish classic comedias, the label extends and applies to Sullivan’s lifelong commitment to the relevance of Spanish drama of the Golden Age within the universal canon, especially from an English-language perspective. Moreover, his arguments are easily applicable in defense of the Humanities and the significance of Literature amid the unwelcome structural changes in Academia.