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What To Do If You Get Sick

If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency call 973-655-5222.

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Despite your efforts to prevent illness, it is quite possible that sometime during college you will get sick and need some assistance. Usually illness sets in around midterms, when the crunch is on and it’s the worst time to be ill.

There are a few things you should do when you start to get that feeling that you are coming down with something.

  1. First, get more rest than you think you need. Your body uses a lot of energy to fight illness so make sure you sleep, eat well, and drink plenty of fluids. This would also be a good time to tell your roommates and friends, as well as your professors that you are ill.
  2. The next thing to consider is stopping by the University Health Center (UHC); our staff is here to help you manage your symptoms. Students can pick up some free over-the-counter medications from our “Self-Help Station” or schedule an appointment to be evaluated. The UHC is staffed by Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses who are familiar with the common problems encountered by young adults, and if necessary you can receive prescription medications and treatments to help you regain your health.
  3. We do not provide medical excuse notes, therefore communication with your professor is encouraged. Read details about our policy on class notes.

All registered students are eligible to receive services at the UHC regardless of your health insurance. There is NO FEE for the visit, but there may be charges for some prescription medications and items such as crutches, lab tests, etc. We are open six days a week including most Saturdays. View UHC Hours.