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Graphic of a germ with words Time to Get Your Flu Shot

On-Campus Flu Clinics

Four Flu Clinics Scheduled in October and November. Make Your Appointment Today!

Graphic of a flu bug and the words Time to Get Your Flu Shot

On-Campus Flu Clinic Fall 2020

Schedule Your Appointment for a Flu Vaccination.

Color cartoon graphic of germs.

Stomach Problems Got You Down?

Written by Patricia M. Ruiz, DNP, APN

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Take As Directed

By Patricia M. Ruiz, DNP

A snowman made out of apples.

Winter Break Wellness Tips

Author: Patricia Ruiz, DNP, APN

Color graphic about antibiotics

What to Know about Antibiotics

flu season ahead sign with clouds behind it

Misconceptions about the Flu Shot

Get your flu shot!

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What To Do If You Get Sick

If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency call 973-655-5222.