The outside of Blanton Hall on a sunny day with students walking around.

Winter Break Wellness Tips

Author: Patricia Ruiz, DNP, APN

Posted in: Colds & Flu, Health Tips

A snowman made out of apples.

After the stress of finals is over students are often relieved to go home for winter break. It can be a special time for family, friends, and a familiar place. Unfortunately, going home can present its own challenges. All of the adjustments plus recuperating after the past semester can cause some unexpected stress and even illness. Here are some ways to address common issues so that you can make the most of your break.

  1. Wash hands often to help prevent the spread of germs.
  2. Manage stress – decompress after finals, connect socially, and get plenty of sleep.
  3. Volunteer your time – it’s a great way to fill up all of the time you now have
  4. Don’t drink and drive or let others drink and drive.
  5. Get medical and dental exams and screenings. Did you get your flu shot?
  6. Strapped for cash? Consider contacting previous employers, babysitting, pet sitting/dog-walking, snow removal.
  7. Eat healthy, stay active. Be inspired to stay in the spirit of good health!

Source: Center for Disease Control