The outside of Blanton Hall on a sunny day with students walking around.

Finding stillness

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With all the hustle and bustle we tend to get overwhelmed especially during the holiday season. Second wave of COVID-19 is here as is time to connect with our loved ones. Anxiety is running high and there is no perfect answer to help how we feel or how we should deal with all of this. One thing we can control is our next step or lack thereof. Maybe instead of trying to find a way to satisfy others and keep them happy, maybe we should focus on ourselves just for a bit.

Find stillness. Sometimes the best way to deal with all this pressure is to be still, to stop for moments at a time and do nothing. Sit outside and stare into the sky with a cozy warm coat, hat and gloves. Turn your phone off or leave it alone for a few hours and just let it all go. Chanel into your own intentions and daydream. Take deep breaths. Relive some of your greatest memories of joy and laughter and connect with yourself through thought. Listen to the breeze, the energy of the day, the cars going by, a dog barking or music playing in the background, whatever it is just listen. Listen to how you feel at these moments of stillness. Let go of your problems even if it is just briefly. Breathe deeply and inhale positivity and exhale negativity. Know that there are others out there who may be feeling the same things you are and send positive vibes out to a stranger.

We are not perfect beings and we need to be able to find moments of stillness to release the noise of the world. Believe that this too shall pass. Sending positive vibes to anyone who needs them. Be well and find a peaceful place to be still.


Written by:
Amanda Cuoco