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A Fresh Start

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A Fresh Start Green Road Sign With Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

The start of a new year always feels like we get another chance to restart with a clean fresh slate. It also means that we need to be able to learn from our past and our mistakes in order to grow. In order to move forward in a positive light, we have to remember that our past also has shaped who we have become. We cannot ignore the past year and all that it entailed. We have to acknowledge what happened and learn from it so we can create a healthy future.

The first step is acknowledging where you are today. No matter how ugly or how good you have it, we must accept the present in order to make any changes. Acceptance is difficult and many people do not like to view themselves as they are and that is OK.

A great way to check yourself is to jot down all the negatives in your life. Get it all out on paper and look at it and take it in. Once you are able to view all that negativity you will find more reasons to turn those things into positives. It is comparable to the Marie Kondo Method. Clear your closets and dump everything you own into a room and look at it, breathe it and understand that these are all the things that can weigh you down. Then ask yourself the question, “Does this spark joy?”

Once that is done, jot down all the positives in your life. Accept what you have in this column and take it in and see what you would like more of. Write down the items that make you the happiest and make you feel alive.

Next, jot down your thoughts and aspirations for the year. Dream big and write it down no matter how crazy it sounds. Then, compare all your lists. Look deeply into who you are today in this moment and accept it. Once you have come to terms with who you are you can begin the process of change. Start eliminating the things you want to get rid of in your life or things you want to do less of. Try to find the things that you enjoy most and focus on where you would like to be in the next few months.

Life is not meant to be perfect. You will fall and mess up. You will win and you will prosper but no matter what you will still be you. There is only one you and you have the power to change course at any moment. It starts with recognizing who you are today and realizing it is time for change. Everyday is a fresh start. Let us learn from our past and keep pushing for a brighter and happier future.


Written by:
Amanda Cuoco