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Time to change your mindset

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“Where focus goes, energy flows.”-Tony Robbins. We have all heard that phrase before and it cannot be anymore true. We have a choice on deciding what we want to focus on. Sometimes we end up in the same loop of feelings and that is because we are stuck in the same old way of thinking. If you don’t like something then change it. Only you have the power to change your thoughts, focus and energy that you put out in the world. If you feel you are stuck in some strange rut, then focus on things that make you happy. Below are a few tips on how to change your mindset.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? Decide what you want in your life and take the time to add these things into your weekly schedule.
  • What would I like to learn more about? Decide what you are curious about and write down ways to research these topics. Create a plan to incorporate these into your life.
  • Am I happy with my life? Is there something that needs more attention in my life? If you are not happy, then pinpoint areas in your life and gently address them. If you are happy, then remember to tell those you love and appreciate how you feel.
  • Am I content with my job or jobs? Decide what activities you enjoy and do not enjoy doing and then work on finding opportunities to make a change. Sometimes a conversation with a friend is all you need to help get the ball rolling on a possible career change.
  • How can I find more energy and happiness in my day to day? Helpful tip-get outside more. Go for walks or grab some lemonade and pack up a picnic basket and head to the park as a start.

Stop comparing yourself to others. We may want to achieve certain things that others may have already done, but there is no need to endlessly compare ourselves to others. Everyone has a different path and comparing yourself will drain you and also lower your confidence. Instead, work on what you need to do to obtain these goals and write down an action plan of what steps need to be taken along with a realistic time frame.

All in all, decide on what you want and make a list on how to get more of what makes you happy. Decisions start with you and no one can make you change your focus and mindset except for you. Even the smallest steps can make a difference in your life. Life is too short to be unhappy, but it is up to You to make a change.

                                    Written by:

                                    Amanda Cuoco