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Course Schedule

Summer 2019 Three-week Session

Registration is still open for the final three-week session of Summer 2019 (August 12-29).

Courses Offered
ANTH 100
Cultural Anthropology
ATTR 500
Athletic Training Principles
BIOL 300
Environmental Biology and Related Controversial Issues
BIOL 330
Introduction to Animal Behavior
BIOL 417
Evolutionary Biology
BUGN 280
Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Communication
BUGN 295
Elements of Business
CMST 101
Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement
EAES 170
World Geography
ECON 101
Applied Macroeconomics
ECON 102
Applied Microeconomics
FINC 326
Investment Principles and Portfolio Theory
GSWS 102
Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
HIST 105
Emergence of European Civilization, 1500-1914
HIST 217
History of Black Americans
HUMN 115
Troy and the Trojan War
HUMN 283
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Ancient World
HUMN 285
JUST 101
JUST 329
Homeland Security
JUST 332
LATN 102
Beginning Latin II
MATH 106
Contemporary Applied Math for Everyone
MGMT 439
Applied Business Strategy
MUED 308
Instrumental Techniques: Woodwinds II
MUED 560
Teaching World Music
MUGN 100
Introduction to Music
MUGN 120
Rap and Rock as Cultural Phenomena
NUFD 182
Nutrition: A Socioecological Perspective
NUFD 590
Nutrition Policy
POLS 331
Animal Rights: Law, Politics and Culture
POLS 560
Politics of Terrorism
PSYC 101
Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 320
Developmental Psychology I
PSYC 330
Forensic Psychology
PSYC 506
Multicultural Psychology
RELG 100
Religions of the World
SOCI 102
Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 104
Sociology of the Family
SPAN 102
Spanish II
INFO 584
Data Analytics and Visualization
INFO 581
Entreprise Architecture and Data Management
ELAD 680
Leading Curriculum Change for Student Achievement
INFO 563
Strategic Information Systems
INFO 564
Operations and Supply Chain Management
MKTG 561
Applied Marketing Management

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The Summer Sessions 2020 schedule will be available on NEST in February. Seven different sessions are offered throughout the summer.

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