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Our Academic Programming Team coordinates an array of programs and events to help our pre-major (undeclared) students navigate their academic exploration at Montclair State University. Throughout the year, we host a multitude of events to guide and support our students on their path to their new major. Our goal is to create important and influential programming opportunities to connect you to your future academic home in one of the other Colleges and Schools on campus, including major initiatives like Academic Exploration Week and Major Madness.

Check us out on Engage to learn more about all of our exciting programs and events! Here, we’ll also cross-reference other events that are happening on campus that will further support your academic exploration.

Learn About Our Signature Programs:

Academic Exploration Week

Your exploration starts here, at University College. As our signature event in the fall semester, Academic Exploration Week (AEW) invites you to engage in a week packed with academic exploration and discovery, to help you navigate the hundreds of different programs Montclair State has to offer!

During Academic Exploration Week, learn first-hand what life inside a major looks like, participate in a lab experiment, join a student organization, meet faculty and students from that major you’ve been thinking about, and so much more!


Ever wonder what it’s like in that class everyone’s talking about? Curious about what you’ll learn in some majors? You’re in luck! “Crash-a-Class” is an exclusive opportunity for University College students, which invites you to sit in on a class for a day to learn more about specific programs right inside the classroom!

Registration is easy! Simply choose which day you’d like to “Crash-a-Class” based off of the gaps in your own schedule, read through the options offered, and select when and where you’d like to ‘crash!’ It’s that simple! Featuring everything from Anthropology to Visual Arts, the possibilities are limitless for what you might learn!

To learn more about “Crash-a-Class” or to register, visit us on Engage.

Major Madness

Major Madness, held annually in the spring, is a centralized showcase, featuring all the academic and social opportunities that are available within each College or School on campus. At the showcase, students will have the chance to explore each College or School’s different majors, minors and certificates, learn about ways to get involved within them, and meet other students, faculty, and staff members to guide them through their exploration.