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Exploring Majors

With over 100 majors, minors and programs to choose from, knowing where to start your journey of academic exploration at Montclair State University may feel overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Use the links and resources here to begin your research into the many academic opportunities available to you across campus, and start a conversation with your Academic Advisor!

All Academic Majors offered at Montclair State University Restricted Majors by College/School

Other Ways to Explore

  • Academic Programs and Events
    University College offers a wide array of programs and events throughout the year to help you further explore all of Montclair State’s different academic options, in collaboration with all of the Colleges and Schools.
  • Career Services
    Attending events and workshops geared toward career exploration or specific disciplines can help you narrow your focus toward major declaration. Learning more about your career options and opportunities is an important resource to tap into as part of your academic exploration process. Building a relationship with Career Services early on will also help you more effectively prepare for internships and job searches as you advance through your academic career. Below, check out potential career options within different majors and programs:

  • Exploratory Courses for Each Major
    Taking courses within the different Colleges and Schools can often help students align their skills and interests with an academic major. Each College/School offers introductory courses that are well suited for exploration, which should be discussed with your Academic Advisor.

    • Be advised that not all courses taken as an elective will fulfill degree requirements for the program you ultimately choose. Your Academic Advisor will assist you in mapping out an appropriate exploratory course schedule.
  • I Do Declare! Podcast
    Trying to figure out which major at Montclair State may be the best fit? There’s a podcast for that. University College hosts its own podcast, titled I Do Declare!, which offers an inside look at some of the different majors and opportunities across campus. New episodes are released throughout each semester. Listen wherever you stream.
  • Schedule an Appointment with Your Academic Advisor
    Your Academic Advisor is a great way to learn more about which majors may align well with your interests, and they can offer you more insight for ways to further explore all of your academic options. Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor using Navigate, or by Contacting Us for further assistance.