Large, bronze red hawk statue in front of bunches of red flowers.

Mission and Vision Statement


University College engages our students in their exploration of the opportunities and resources available within the Montclair State University community. We support their successful transitions, in an inclusive and thriving environment, by providing goal-oriented academic advising, intentional educational planning, and innovative programs.

As a pioneer in supporting first-year, pre-major students, we aim to provide coordinated, intentional and inclusive, person-centered experiences, services and opportunities that guide and support our students during their major exploration. It is here that we foster a culture committed to discovery, engagement, connection and exploration during their time at Montclair State and beyond. 


As the inaugural University College in the State of New Jersey, we inspire our students to be actively engaged in and take ownership of their learning experiences. Through the facilitation of high impact practices, our students will become self-directed, critical thinkers who are challenged and successful in their academic and personal lives.

By closely collaborating with our campus partners, we ensure that students are both challenged and supported as they engage with the multitude of available resources.  Within the students’ first two academic years, we proactively advise and program for students to intentionally and knowledgeably declare a major, learn campus policy, plan their academic career, and improve skills for success.