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Academic Advising for Pre-Major Students

In University College, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to major exploration as you discover more about yourself and your interests in pursuit of choosing a major. We understand the significance choosing a major holds for your academic and professional goals.  Our advisors are committed to guiding you through every step of your major exploration journey, providing you with personalized support and helping you navigate all the University has to offer. 

Advising is a vital part of your success at Montclair State University; we believe in empowering you to explore your interests, values and passions to learn more about yourself and your potential. Whether you are a pre-major (undeclared) student unsure of your academic path, a new transfer student seeking guidance on transitioning into one of Montclair’s programs or a current student looking to switch into University College as you explore your options, our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way as you explore the University in pursuit of your new major.

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Dr. Temeshia Lemons

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I’m ready to declare! What do I do now?

Most majors at Montclair require the completion of the Change of Major/Minor Request on NEST. Some majors are restricted and have different admission requirements like a minimum GPA, completed pre-requisite coursework or an interview or audition. Please review the Restricted Majors website to see if the major you are interested in carries additional admission requirements.

All undergraduate students looking to change their major/minor must use the online form via NEST. All requests will be reviewed by your new College/School designee before being made official; students will receive an email with confirmation of approval. Expect 5-10 business days for processing to occur. Note: only one transaction is permitted each time you complete the form.

If pursuing a restricted major, you must meet with your academic advisor to review your progress prior to declaring.

Please note: Students looking to drop their current major and become pre-major must first meet with a University College Academic Advisor to discuss their academic plan. 

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How do I learn more about different majors if I'm still exploring?

Your academic advisor is a great starting point to help you identify potential programs of interest and there are several resources available to help you explore your academic options.
  • Major Exploration Programs and Events
    We host a wide variety of exploratory events throughout the year to help you navigate all of Montclair’s majors, minors and more. Through innovative programs, like Crash-A-Class (which is held every semester), we invite you to explore different majors and the Colleges and Schools in new and exciting ways all year long.
  • Take the Focus-2 Self-Assessment
    This free service, offered by Career Services, helps you connect your skills, interests and values with majors offered at Montclair State University and potential careers.
  • Informational Interview
    What better way to find out about a major than by speaking with someone from that major? Speak with a faculty member or student in the program to learn more about coursework and what students in the major do after they graduate.
  • Learn about Career Fields
    Using O*NET, research a career field you might pursue.  What do you like about it? What skills will make you successful in this field? Do you have them? How can you enhance or develop the skills required for your career field of interest? Meet with your advisor to discuss.

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