First-Year Writing

First-Year Writing Annual Report 2015

First-Year Writing Program
English Department
Dickson Hall 468

Director: Jessica Restaino
Associate Director: Jennifer Holly-Wells
Assistant Director: Bonnie Dowd
First-Year Writing Faculty
Secretary: Phyllis Brooks & Kim Harrison

Office hours by appointment, Monday thru Thursday.  

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Writing satisfies a deeply human need for expression and communication, and also for problem-solving, as anyone who has used writing to reflect on a vexing personal or professional problem knows.  Writing is an activity more than a skill, one that nourishes and enriches educated people for the rest of their lives.  The First-Year Writing Program presents a range of courses and opportunities to engage, showcase, and support the writing development of the members of our academic community.  The First-Year Writing Program at Montclair State University is a National Award-winning program that provides undergraduate students with coursework required to fulfill the University General Education Communication requirements in Writing and Reading.  These courses introduce students to the academic discourse of the university community and include: Introduction to Writing (ENWR100), College Writing I: Intellectual Prose (ENWR105), and College Writing II: Writing and Literary Study (ENWR106).  Further, students and faculty have many opportunities to experience Live Lit—readings by creative writers of all genres—and the First-Year Writing Program is delighted to co-sponsor the Montclair Book Program, a common summer reading for incoming students.  The Montclair Book for 2015 is David Margolick's Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock. We welcome students, faculty and community members to browse this site for resources and opportunities in support of writing and the teaching of writing and to also visit the First-Year Writing Progam Blog for community discussion of all things writing. 

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