Articulation Programs

Montclair State University has articulation agreements with other universities that allow students to complete a BS in Biology at Montclair State and an advanced degree elsewhere, usually in a shorter amount of time than if the two degrees were completed independently. The application process, schedule, selection criteria, and other aspects of the articulation agreements vary from program to program. An overview is provided in the University Catalog. More information is provided on the individual program pages and you can contactthe advisor for a particular program if you have additional questions. There is also the Pre-Health Advisory Committee made up of faculty from various deparments that can assist you further.

Available Articulation Programs:

  1. BS/MD Medical program with Rutgers University (7-year program)
  2. BS/MD 8-year Medical program with Rutgers University (Health Careers Program students only)
  3. BS/DMD dental program with Rutgers University (7-year program)
  4. BS/DPT Physical Therapy Program with Rutgers University (6-year program)
  5. BS/PA Physicians Assistant Program with Rutgers University. (6-year program)
  6. BS/CNL Nursing Program with Seton Hall University (5-year program)
  7. BS/PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy Program with Rutgers University (coordinated by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department)
  8. BS/Doctor of Optometry with SUNY College of Optometry (7-year program) *Information coming soon*