Undergraduate Programs

Biology is the science of life and includes an array of sub-disciplines such as ecology, botany, zoology, physiology, anatomy, genetics, microbiology and molecular biology. Biologists learn how living things work, how they interact with one another, and how they evolve. They may study cells under a microscope, insects in the rainforest, viruses that affect human beings, plants in a greenhouse, or animals in their natural habitats. The Molecular Biology curriculum encompasses the study of biology on a molecular level including the structure, function, and makeup of biologically important molecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Biologists increase our understanding about the natural world and help address a wide range of critical global issues from environmental sustainability to human health to maintaining viable and abundant food supplies. A BS in Biology or Molecular Biology establishes an excellent foundation for graduate studies, for an array of careers including human biology, ecology, environmental biology, cell and molecular biology, and for applied areas such as health care, forestry, biotechnology, environmental management and conservation, education, public policy, pharmaceutical development and research.

IMPORTANT: These are only general guidelines. Because academic programs vary depending on the year of matriculation, always consult NEST for specific individual degree requirements. All students should also consult with their faculty advisor (view below) regularly to ensure all degree requirements are met.

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Faculty Advisors

Undergraduate ProgramsFaculty AdvisorRoom
Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences BS/MS Dr. Bologna SH-112
Biology, last names A-B Dr. Bologna SH-112
Biology, last names C-H Dr. Keenan SH-207
Biology, last names I-O Dr. Vanderklein SH-116
Biology, last names P-Z Dr. Sitnick SH-134
Biology, Environmental Science Conc. Dr. Bologna SH-112
Biology, Teacher Education Conc. Dr. Adams SH-123
Molecular Biology Dr. Monsen SH-135

Other Programs

Curriculum Planning

Suggested four-year plans for our majors can be found on the Center for Advising and Student Transitions website.

Articulation Programs

Montclair State University has articulation agreements with other universities that allow students to complete a BS in Biology at Montclair and an advanced degree elsewhere, usually in a shorter amount of time than if the two degrees were completed independently.