Applications, Forms, and Templates

Please use the versions of forms posted here. Older forms, from past years, may not include important changes. Using old forms will result in a delay in the review process and may require you to re-do the entire form.  If you are having any trouble opening forms – check this reference for help. If the reference document does not help solve your problem, email and request a specific document to be emailed to you as an attachment.

Do not complete forms in an open browser window, they will not save correctly, see note below.

Applications and Forms

IRB Application
Continuing Review Application
Amendment Application
Amendment Form to Add/Remove/Change Personnel
Amendment Form to Add/Remove Research Sites
Project Completion Form
Research Determination Form
Adverse Events Form
External Investigator Policy
For Non-MSU Employees or Students


To Access Applications and Forms:

After clicking on the application, please save a copy of the document to the desktop. Then go to your desktop and double click on the document to access it.

If you would like to open the document through Adobe PDF Viewer or within a browser, such as google chrome, internet explorer, or firefox, please look at your troubleshooting documentation for detailed instructions.

If you have any problems opening the New Application form, try these tips:

  • Make sure you have downloaded Version XI (11.0.10) of Adobe Reader.
  • Close all browser windows, open Firefox, return to this webpage, and then attempt to open New Application Form.
  • To save changes after electronically signing document: remove electronic signature, make changes, then once again sign document and save.
  • Visit our NEW Troubleshooting - Viewing PDF Documents page in the FAQ section.
  • If you are still having problems, please contact