Aerial view of Graduate School and Nursing building.


Institutional Official

Scott Herness, PhD, Vice Provost for Research and Dean for the Graduate School

Institutional Review Board Members

  • Dana Heller Levitt, PhD, IRB Chair, Professor, Counseling
  • Erin Bunger, MPH, Senior Research Assoc., Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services
  • Fredrick Gardin, PhD, Associate Professor, Exercise Science and Physical Education
  • Jefferson Gatrall, PhD, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literature
  • Sarah Kelly, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Nursing
  • Miriam Linver, PhD, Professor, Family Science and Human Development
  • Chris McKinley, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Denise O’Shea, MLS, Head of Access Services and Technical Services, Library
  • John E. Rogers, Community Member
  • Joshua Sandry, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Stephanie Silvera, PhD, Professor, Public Health

IRB Alternate Members

  • Brian Abrams, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Music
  • Amy Krenzer, CIP, Non-Scientist Alternative Member
  • Christopher Salvatore, PhD, Chairperson, Justice Studies