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Institutional Review Board

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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is designated by Montclair State University to support faculty, staff, students and guests to complete their research that is compliant with federal and state laws and University policy. As such the IRB is charged to review, approve initiation of, and conduct periodic reviews of research projects that involve human participants. As mandated by federal law and consistent with University policy, each investigator must have prior dated and written approval from the IRB before beginning a research project that uses human participants. This is true regardless of the funding source or if the project is funded.

Our Federalwide Assurance Identification number as filed with the Department of Health and Human Services is FWA00005270.

The purpose of this website is to provide investigators and the research community at Montclair State University with the information and materials that are needed to obtain IRB approval of research that involves human participants.

Contact IRB
Nursing & Graduate School Building, Room 333
Cayuse IRB

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