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Most behavioral, social sciences, educational and biomedical research can often only be conducted with the help of human participants. The investigators at Montclair State University value the contribution of those individuals who volunteer to participate in their studies, and vow to observe the tenets of the Belmont Report which characterizes three ethical principles that should govern research that involves human participants. The three general principles are:

  • Beneficence: To maximize benefits for science, humanity and research participants and to avoid or minimize risk or harm to participants.
  • Respect: To protect the autonomy and privacy rights of participants.
  • Justice: To ensure the fair distribution among persons and groups of the costs and benefits of research

Remember – You are a volunteer and may withdraw from any study in which you are enrolled at any time. You may do so without penalty. You have the right to be fully informed and given ample time to make a reasoned decision to participate.

About research participation

Information for research volunteers

There are many sources of information for individuals who are considering volunteering for a research study.

Federal Websites

Montclair State University Information For adult participants

Montclair State University Information For parents of child participants