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Prospective Agreement Forms

Montclair State University IRB has been using the traditional informed consent document for most of the prospective data collection in IRB approved studies. With the new Common Rule, several studies will be determined as Exempt under a new term Benign Behavioral Interventions. Since Exempt studies are not subject to requiring the traditional elements of informed consent, researchers may opt to use a shorter Prospective Agreement Form with no signature required.

Studies that we believe will most likely be exempt include:

  • Adult participants playing video games
  • Interviews regarding diet/nutrition/exercise with adult participants
  • Adult participants involved in a study which includes computer simulation and mock interviews
  • Research involving web surfing social media sites by adults
  • Adult participants agree to be videotaped while reading a passage from a standard text
  • A study of adults aged 50 and over of memory assessment and includes a demographic questionnaire
  • College students take part in a study involving computer simulation of an online dating app

Template Prospective Agreement Forms/Information Sheets (Note: if your research activity is federally funded please check with IRB office before use)

Studies ineligible to use the Prospective Agreement Form include:

  • research with minors
  • research with prisoners
  • research with individuals who are cognitively disabled or have impaired decision-making capacity
  • studies that include multiple visits and are not brief in duration
  • studies that involve greater than minimal risk
  • studies involving blood draws or physical manipulation of the body

How can I be sure about using the Prospective Agreement Form or Traditional Consent?

Please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.