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Wehner Research Symposium

A morning filled with ideas and colleagues celebrating the life and achievements of Charles Darwin.

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The second annual Wehner Research Symposium was held on February 16. The day comprises of lunch, talks, posters, and research made possible by the generous funding from the Wehner family. It’s a great experience to come together with a common interest and see the impact of one individual through many generations. Students not only learn, but are able to teach as they share details of their research related to Darwin’s.

This years keynote speaker, Luciano Marriffini, Head of Laboratory of Bacteriology at Rockefeller University, was unable to attend. This left a void in the agenda that was filled by Associate Dean and professor of Biology, Dr. Scott Kight! Dr. Kight used his vast knowledge to provide attendees an over-arching look at Darwin’s life, experiences, and research.