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Alumni Spotlight – Aline de Oliveira ’09 ’11

Now at Johnson & Johnson, Aline earned her B.S. and M.S. from here, then was advised by a fellow Montclair State University alum earning her Ph.D. at Seton Hall.

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Aline de Oliveria looking through microscope

Aline did research with Dr. Lee Lee as an undergraduate student and worked with both Dr. Sandra Adams and Dr. Lee for her master’s thesis. She was a Novartis scholar which provided a scholarship for her to earn her MS.

Following her graduate studies, Aline went to Seton Hall for her PhD in Molecular Biosciences. There her doctoral advisor was Dr. Tina Chu, who also received her BS at MSU, and was advised by Dr. Lee! After leaving Montclair, Tina received her PhD from UMDNJ, majoring in Biomedical Informatics. Dr. Chu is currently an associate professor at Seton Hall. In the end we see a rare occurrence of three generations of scientists all coming from the same professors lab!

Both Tina and Aline were excellent students, with high GPA’s.
Both initiated their research experience at MSU.
Both worked with female faculty, Tina with Dr. Bonnie Lustigman and me; and Aline with Dr. Adams and me. We always try to promote female students in the sciences.

They are our exemplary students. I am very proud of them.

Dr. Lee Lee, Biology Professor

Aline is currently Lead Associate and Regulatory Scientist of Global Regulatory Affairs – Oncology at Janssen, whose parent company, Johnson & Johnson, has been championing women in the workforce and in the sciences for over 100 years. Read about their commitment in their recent post in celebration of National Women’s Day: Proud of My Company for Igniting the Power of Women Since 1886.