Students playing video games together

Becoming a Fellow

Who are IAC fellows?

IAC fellows are Montclair State University students who are enrolled in degree programs and they are students who are attending Montclair State as part of the IAC fellowship program. All students who work with the IAC project are our fellows and work together in fellowship as peers and companions.

IAC fellows spend time together in various ways on the Montclair State University campus. They attend classes together, check out campus events, and use the range of campus facilities, eateries, and other resources available across our many spaces and places.

Opportunities to Volunteer for Montclair State University Students

Undergraduate students at Montclair State University can volunteer to participate in the IAC fellowship program. Students enrolled in courses with a community engagement component are welcome to apply to be an IAC fellow (with approval of the course instructor). Other Montclair students who are interested in service or volunteering experiences can also apply to be a fellow by contacting the IAC project directly. Fellowships are semester-long commitments and fellows have a regular weekly schedule. The IAC project operates Monday through Friday and there are opportunities for fellowship for as few as one hour to as many as ten hours per week. Students or course instructors interested in learning more about the IAC fellowship can send an email to:

Information for School Partners

The IAC fellowship program is ideal for students with intellectual or developmental disability who are interested in learning about college, but are less likely to apply to traditional degree programs. The fellowship offers an experiential learning opportunity for students to audit college courses and participate in campus activities in companionship with Montclair State University students. The IAC fellowship enables students to make informed decisions about whether college may be a good fit for them. The fellowship program is for students who are 18-22 years old and is offered only in collaboration with transition programming that is provided by a school. We welcome school-based transition personnel or case managers to contact us to learn more about partnering with the IAC project. Please send an email to: