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Inclusive Postsecondary Education Resources

Think College: Think College provides resources, technical assistance and training related to college options for students with intellectual disability, and manages the only national listing of college programs for students with intellectual disability in the United States.
We are a national technical assistance, research, and evaluation center dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving higher education options for students with intellectual disability.
With a commitment to equity and excellence, Think College supports evidence-based and student-centered research and practice by generating and sharing knowledge, guiding institutional change, informing public policy, and engaging with students, professionals and families.

Association on Higher Education and Disability: AHEAD is a professional membership organization for individuals committed to equity for persons with disabilities in higher education. Since 1977, AHEAD has offered an unparalleled member experience to disability resource professionals, student affairs personnel, ADA coordinators, diversity officers, AT/IT staff, faculty and other instructional personnel, and colleagues who are invested in creating welcoming higher education experiences for disabled individuals. Informed by its diverse membership, AHEAD

National Center for College Students with Disabilities (NCCSD): NCCSD is the only federally-funded national center in the U.S. for college and graduate students with any type of disability, chronic health condition, or mental or emotional illness. Site includes the NCCSD Clearinghouse that has information like Finding a College, Paying for College, Handling Problems at School and much more. Lots of resources for students, families, high school and college faculty and staff, researchers and policymakers.

New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education (NJCIE): Our organization partners with neighborhood schools to create inclusive learning communities where students with disabilities and learning differences are welcomed as classmates, valued as learners, and empowered to succeed.

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network: This links to a resource page specifically dedicated to inclusive postsecondary higher education options for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New Jersey.